Primary Care


Umbrella Healthcare Systems offers easy access to high-quality primary care that is focused on you, your needs, and your health. Choosing a primary care doctor and establishes a long-term connection with a committed Team of physicians who gets to know you as a person. Members have access to quality medical care and individualised support for managing chronic diseases and more complex challenges.

Primary Care

Our Goal

Reducing the risk of expensive medical treatments by making primary care more accessible. With the help of our doctors and online tools at Umbrella Healthcare Systems, patients have convenient and affordable access to high-quality care. We believe that healthcare access should be secure, simple, and affordable without any compromise in quality, we offer;

  • Instant E-visits: access to primary care doctors who connect with patients within minutes
  • Preventive Care: Scheduled virtual doctor visits for routine screenings.
  • Chronic Care: Schedule virtual doctor visits for the management of ongoing health issues and follow-up.

How Primary Care Works at Umbrella Healthcare Systems

In the Initial e-visit, expect to spend 10-15 minutes with your chosen primary care doctor discussing your family and personal medical history, risk factors, medications and health challenges. You and your primary care provider will define healthcare goals and identify the tools needed to succeed. Relevant lab or diagnostic tests may be required as a follow-up. Test results will be uploaded directly online on your Umbrella Healthcare Systems account. Your primary care provider will follow up to discuss results if needed.

Primary care physicians at Umbrella Healthcare Systems may initiate new medications when deemed necessary.

For your primary care provider's evaluation, you can upload medical records, immunisation records, test results, and other member-reported data into the Umbrella Healthcare Systems website ahead of schedule appointment.

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