We operate completely outside of insurance, meaning that we will not bill your health insurance or charge co-pays for doctors visits, in-house labwork, prescriptions, care coordination, or any other services we provide you.

The benefit of our model is that it’s all-inclusive - everything we do on-site is included in a fix cost, and 24/7 access to chat with Umbrella's online doctors. We do not recommend that you cancel an existing insurance plan, as we are not a replacement for insurance; although having insurance it’s not a requirement to join Umbrella. 

We have a phenomenal medical team available to our members within minutes 24/7, any day of the year. 

If you're a member trying to speak with your medical team, please go into your app and chat us! 

If you're calling from an outside doctors office, please call +1 (407) 693-8484

We'd be happy to help you with that. Our doctors are able to pair with you to find the best specialists and also help coordinate your care and consolidate all medical records as well. Your Umbrellamd doctor and care team work to ensure that multiple aspects of your health including sleep, stress, diet and exercise are all taken into consideration when it comes to giving you a more holistic picture of your health and more control over managing it. 

At Umbrellamd mental health and wellness is one of our priorities in designing a plan of action in advancing your health. Our physicians will do a collaborative evaluation with you to determine the right course of treatment and can also help with a referral to a specialist depending on your wishes and needs. We will work closely with you and your specialist to help manage your mental health

When we asked women what matters most when choosing a primary care physician, the overwhelming response centered around one thing: convenience. In fact, a surprising 99% of women cited ease of scheduling appointments as one of the determining factors. 

The following Women’s Health services are included in your membership:

  • Pap smears* & pelvic exams
  • Breast cancer screening (genetic analysis & breast exam)
  • Birth control counseling
  • Fertility testing (following counseling..etc)
  • Full STD testing (including HIV)

We often set up recurring birth control prescriptions and can refer you to specialists for additional screenings. These services will be billed through your insurance. 

*We include the Pap Smear and gynecological exam itself in the membership cost. The lab associated with the Pap Smear is sent out for processing and billed through your insurance.



We can handle many urgent health concerns, and any member who chats in regarding things like stomach flu symptoms, a sore throat, or other less severe ailments, gets a response from their care team in a matter of minutes. You'd always have your care team available to you to answer these questions 24/7, regardless of where you are in the world and can schedule visits usually same-day or next-day when the concern is more urgent.

Should you need hospitalization (such as for a broken bone or serious skin lesion), we assist in finding you the right hospital-based physician to address your needs or the best Emergency Room for your urgent concern or injury. The hospital would bill through your insurance, which is why many members keep some form of insurance. Care that you receive outside of Umbrellamd would be billed through your insurance plan. 

We've curated our own trusted referral network so that our members have a seamless experience getting specialist care. Your doctor and Care Team will coordinate to find the right specialist for you given your health insurance and that doctor's availability

We facilitate that referral for you, and your Umbrellamd doctor will be in charge of looping back with that specialist to get any records from those visits so that your records and care are all in one place. We will collaborate with specialists directly on your behalf, which can save you the hassle of an extra appointment and the stress of running around.

We also do things in-house when possible that are within the bounds of Primary Care (like including basic skin exams) to prevent you from needing Specialists in some cases.

Sedentary lifestyle, a strong family history of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Polycystic ovarian disease.

This refers to blood sugar levels below the normal range. This may be due to caloric or nutritional deficiency. Hypoglycemia should be immediately medically addressed to avoid further complications. Symptoms associated with hypoglycemia are, increased sweating, hunger, confusion, fatigue, shivering and trembling

We’re separate from insurance and don’t bill through insurance as we’re not a fee-for-service model. Therefore cannot generate documentation for insurance reimbursement. Should that change in the future we will let you know!  

We work with our members to develop a program and set of plans, with incremental, achievable goals that work for you. You'd also use the blood testing results from your Baseline visit to better inform you and your doctor throughout the process of building these. Often members find that having added accountability and additional support and tips from their care team throughout their membership helps them actually reach their different health goals.

We are happy to see members with HIV and help coordinate that care with their HIV specialist, while helping maintain a holistic view of your health. We do recommend that our members continue to see their HIV specialist while seeing us. We're happy to coordinate your care with them and make referrals should you need to find one as well, and you'd of course still have 24/7 access to your Umbrellamd doctor and care team to support your health care needs and goals. 

Included Labs: hemoglobin, a screen for anemia, a comprehensive metabolic panel, a screen for kidney and liver function with results including electrolytes, a lipid panel to check your cholesterol, and an optional HIV test. 

Our metabolic panel provides a potassium level, bicarbonate, sodium, chloride, calcium, urea, glucose, creatinine, ALP, ALT, total bilirubin, AST, albumin, and total protein. These values can help your doctor identify possible dysfunction in the liver, kidney, and gallbladder.

We can also facilitate complex lab work, such as a TSH or Testosterone test. These tests are processed offsite and will be billed through your insurance, separate from your membership fee.

Your doctor will let you know how often they feel blood work is medically necessary depending on your health.

We also include vaccines you might need, such as TDaP, TB, Flu shot, Varicella, etc. See our vaccines page for details 

We focus on the health of the mother.  So we can do fertility testing, and all of the soon-to-be mother's routine blood work. It's important you have an ongoing relationship with your OB while pregnant, and Forward would help coordinate your appointments as well as see how your OB transfers records back and forth so we can stay up-to-date on your appointments. We can also provide nutritional advice and support, order recommended tests like blood work or do a Family Prep genetic screening and help answer wellness questions throughout your pregnancy.

We offer a common pharmacy on site with generic medications. Everything from heart medications, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, to medicine for asthma, allergies, flu, antibiotics, z-packs, etc. These items are included in the cost of membership typically for the first-fill. 

Any recurring medications or other medications that we don’t carry onsite, your doctor can have sent to your local pharmacy or even sent to your doorstep at home! That prescription, when possible, would be coordinated through your insurance for things like prior authorizations should those be required. 

Additionally all seasonal and travel vaccines and medications are included in membership. 

A false positive result may appear if a patient suffers from hemolytic (automatic destruction of red blood cells) anemia, or someone who has recently undergone a blood transfusion. However, anyone with a positive result for HbA1c must consult their primary healthcare provider for further consult and evaluation.

Hemoglobin, which is bound to glucose, is referred to as glycosylated hemoglobin, glycated hemoglobin or HbA1c. HbA1c measures the average glycosylated hemoglobin in the blood over a period of 2-3 months.

There is no significant risk associated with this test, however in rare cases a patient may develop a clot or hematoma around the site of the needle prick. Patients may experience bruising and pain around the site as well under rare circumstances.

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