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Clinical Significance
Peanut Component Panel - The ImmunoCAP® Peanut Component Allergen Test helps to assess a patient's level of risk of a life-threatening reaction, and may reassure patients when the risk for allergic symptoms is low or when they will most likely experience mild or localized reactions upon exposure to peanut. The test helps the health care provider identify primary, species-specific allergic sensitization, differentiate between symptoms caused by a primary allergen source and those caused by cross-reactivity, assess the level of risk for life-threatening allergic reactions, and provide clarity regarding the patient's risk of an allergic reaction to ease fears and help target effective management.

Preferred Specimen(s)
1 mL serum

Minimum Volume
0.6 mL

Transport Container
Serum Separator Tube (SST®)

Transport Temperature
Room temperature

Specimen Stability
Room temperature: 14 days
Refrigerated: 14 days
Frozen: 30 days

Ara h 2 (f423), Ara h 1 (f422), Ara h 3 (f424), Ara h 9 (f427), Ara h 8 (f352)

Immunoassay (IA)

Reference Range(s)
Ara h 2 (f423)    <0.10 kU/L
Ara h 1 (f422)    <0.10 kU/L
Ara h 3 (f424)    <0.10 kU/L
Ara h 9 (f427)    <0.10 kU/L
Ara h 8 (f352)    <0.10 kU/L

Alternative Name(s)

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