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Clinical Significance
IgA (REFL) - Increased IgA is associated with monoclonal IgA myeloma, respiratory and gastrointestinal infections, and malabsorption; decreased IgA is found in selective IgA deficiency and in ataxia telangiectasia.

This is a client specific reflex test. Reflex criteria has been pre-defined by the ordering physician. Additional testing will be performed at an additional charge.


Reference Range(s)
Cord Blood    1-3 mg/dL
1-28 days    2-40 mg/dL
1-3 months    3-40 mg/dL
4-6 months    7-47 mg/dL
7-11 months    12-53 mg/dL
1 year    20-73 mg/dL
2 years    20-99 mg/dL
3-5 years    22-140 mg/dL
6-8 years    31-180 mg/dL
9-11 years    33-200 mg/dL
12-16 years    36-220 mg/dL
17-60 years    47-310 mg/dL
≥61 years    70-320 mg/dL

Preferred Specimen(s)
2 mL serum

Minimum Volume
0.5 mL

Transport Container
Serum separator tube (SST)

Transport Temperature
Room temperature

Specimen Stability
Room temperature: 72 hours
Refrigerated: 7 days
Frozen: 90 days
Reject Criteria
Gross hemolysis • Grossly lipemic

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