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HEPATITIS B SURFACE ANTIGEN with Reflex Confirmation

Does this test have other names?

HBsAg, HBV Test, Hep B Surface Antigen Test, Hep B Surface Antibody Test, Hep B Test, HBV DNA test, Anti-HBs

What is a Hepatitis B Surface Antigen with Reflex Confirmation Test?

This test measures the amount of hepatitis B surface antigens in your blood. The HBsAg with reflex confirmation helps to detect if you have experience infection in recent times from the hepatitis B virus (HBV). If the virus discovers related antigens and antibodies in your body, it indicates that you have a hepatitis B infection. The positive test results are harmful and have the ability to convert the hepatitis disease to another person by their blood and other fluids of the body.

The Hepatitis B virus (HBV) contains proteins known as antigens on their surface. It leads to the development of antibodies by your immune system. HBV is one of the five types of hepatitis, including hepatitis A, C, D, and E. In general, the majority of hepatitis infections develop from these five viruses. HBV transfers through your blood, seminal fluid, and vaginal secretions. The hepatitis B surface antigens may present in your blood for several weeks when the infection begins, leading to early signs of a hepatitis B infection. This virus disappears on its own after six months in most cases. But the HB virus stays in some adults and a high percentage of children, specifically infants. It is known as a chronic infection that may result in liver cancer, cirrhosis, or cell damage of the liver.

What is the purpose of the HBV test?

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that indicates the inflammation of your liver. The test results of HBsAg help to detect the presence of hepatitis B infection, any past experience with the virus, and the current ability of immunity to it. The common types of exposure vary to the geographical area but often prevail during infancy.

Your healthcare provider may ask for Hepatitis B Surface Antigen with Reflex Confirmation due to these causes
  • Screening for hepatitis B virus
  • Diagnosis and determination of hepatitis B virus
  • Monitoring and analysis of previous exposure to hepatitis B

When do I need a Hepatitis B Surface Antigen with Reflex Confirmation test?

Your healthcare provider may ask you to take the HBsAg test if you are experiencing symptoms of Hepatitis B. You may have a sign from mild to severe for the virus, but it appears after two to four months of infection. You can place an online order for this test even if you don’t have a prescription. Signs and symptoms include
  • Extreme pain in the abdominal
  • Pain in the joints
  • High fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • The color of urine turns dark.
  • Symptoms of jaundice, such as yellowish skin color and whitish eye color
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue

Your provider may also order the HBsAg test if you have a history that puts you at risk of being in touch with the virus. The risk factors for hepatitis B infection, such as
  • Performing sex with a person who infected with the virus
  • Living at a short distance from a person who possesses the virus
  • A man having sex with men
  • Birth of a child to a mother who has the virus
  • Intake of IV drugs by sharing needles
  • Having exposure to blood when working in a healthcare laboratory
  • Blood transferring or organ transplant. It is rare for a screening test.

Your provider may also order additional tests if you have been diagnosed with hepatitis B to observe how well your infection gets treated.

What is the procedure for the HBsAg test?

You need to provide a blood sample to your provider for the Hepatitis B Surface Antigen with reflex confirmation. A small needle inserts in a vein in your arm to collect a blood sample in a test tube. A bandage applies to your vein. The test does not take time greater than 5 minutes.

How do I need to prepare for the test?

You may need to stop taking certain medicines that can affect your test results. Your provider will inform you about any specific instructions for the albumin test until you do not need to prepare for the test. If you may need to order additional blood tests, you have to keep fast for at least 7 to 8 hours before the test.

Is there any risk to this test?

An HBsAg is a blood test that does not have a high risk. You may experience a little pain at the point in your vein from where the blood collects. A chance of bleeding or bruising may also occur, but generally, these signs do not last long.

What additional test may I need along with this test?

Your healthcare provider may ask for more blood tests to see for HBV. These tests identify antigens on the surface, the core of the virus, and the antibodies to these antigens. Symptoms of all types of hepatitis infections are about the same. The blood test is often performed with other hepatitis blood tests to understand your provider about the virus and its stages you may possess. You may also ask to conduct a sequence of blood tests known as a hepatitis B monitoring panel to observe your condition.

What do the HBsAg test results mean?

The test results for hepatitis B surface antigen with reflex confirmation depend on the person’s age, gender, medical history, and other factors. The HBV test results may vary slightly among labs. You can understand your test results from your provider.

The ideal results are negative or nonreactive and show that you do not have hepatitis B surface antigen in your body. If the HBsAg results are positive, indicate that you have an infection with the hepatitis B virus. In most cases, you automatically recover from the virus within six months. You will gain immunity from the virus if you recover from it. You lose the ability to transfer the virus to others.

Positive test results also indicate chronic hepatitis B infection. The HBV stays in your blood for a long time if you don’t recover from it within six months. It leads to liver diseases. You may transfer this infection to others as well. Your healthcare provider suggests medicines for the treatment of HBV.

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