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"Clinical Significance
Chlamydia/Neisseria gonorrhoeae RNA, TMA, Throat - Both Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae may infect the oral/pharyngeal cavity of sexually active individuals. Detection of this organism may be important for determining the risk for disease progression or transmission.

Preferred Specimen(s)
1 throat swab in Aptima® Transport Tube

Minimum Volume
1 throat swab in Aptima® Transport Tube

Collection Instructions
Use the Aptima® Unisex Swab Specimen Collection Kit (white label) or Aptima® Vaginal Swab Specimen Collection Kit or Multi-test Collection Kit (orange label). Using a tongue depressor, insert the small, blue-shafted collection swab (unisex kit, not the white-shafted cleansing swab) or the small pink-shafted collection swab (vaginal or multi-test kit) and vigorously rub the tonsils and the posterior pharynx. Carefully remove the swab without touching any area of the mouth. Remove the cap from the swab specimen transport tube and immediately place the swab into the transport tube. Carefully break the swab shaft at the score line. Re-cap the swab specimen transport tube tightly, label and ship to the lab.

Note: Results from the Aptima® Combo 2 Assay should be interpreted in conjunction with other laboratory and clinical data available to the clinician.

The Aptima® Combo 2 Assay is not intended for the evaluation of suspected sexual abuse or for other medico-legal indications.

For a complete list of assay limitations we recommend that you review the manufacturers package insert,

 IMPORTANT: Please review the Specimen Collection instructions SPECIMEN COLLECTION GUIDES FOR APTIMA for this test

Transport Container
Aptima® Transport Tube

Transport Temperature
Room temperature

Specimen Stability
Room temperature: 30 days
Refrigerated: 30 days
Frozen: 30 days

Reject Criteria
Transport tubes with 2 swabs • Transport tubes with non-Aptima® swabs • Swab transport tubes with no swab • Specimens in broken containers • Swab submitted in transport media

Transcription-Mediated Amplification (TMA)

Assay Category
The analytical performance characteristics of this assay have been determined by Quest Diagnostics. The modifications have not been cleared or approved by the FDA. This assay has been validated pursuant to the CLIA regulations and is used for clinical purposes.

Reference Range(s)
C. trachomatis TMA, Throat    Not detected
N. gonorrhoeae TMA, Throat    Not detected

Alternative Name(s)

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