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What are the other names for this test?

BMP plasma test, BMP blood test, BMP plasma, BMP, Chemistry panel
What is a basic metabolic panel plasma test?

A basic metabolic panel (BMP) test determines the conditions of your body’s metabolism. Metabolism is the chemical process during which your body uses energy from food. A BMP plasma test monitors and diagnoses the function of kidneys and electrolytes in your body. This test also measures sugar levels in your blood plasma. Plasma is the liquid part of your blood. It contains many blood components, such as water, salts, and enzymes throughout your body. The color of the plasma is light yellow when it comes out from the remaining blood. The purpose of plasma is to provide nutrients, hormones, and proteins to the organs when needed. It also eliminates waste from your body.

What is the purpose of this test?

A basic metabolic panel plasma test can indicate acid-base balance, fluid levels, and how well the functions of your metabolism and kidneys are working. A BMP plasma test looks for the levels of eight different substances in your blood plasma, including

Glucose - A form of sugar that provides energy to your body. Its high or low levels can indicate problems like high blood sugar or diabetes.
Calcium - This mineral is available in your bones and teeth. Calcium helps to maintain the structure and functions of bones and muscles. It also usually clots your blood.

Kidney tests:

The kidney test includes:

Creatinine - This is a waste byproduct developed during regular muscle activity by your kidneys. Creatinine tests can assess how well your kidneys work by measuring the amount of creatinine in your blood. It filters from your blood by your kidneys.
Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) - A waste byproduct that determines the condition of your kidneys. The BUN test measures the blood urea nitrogen levels. Its high levels may decrease the process of your kidneys.

Electrolyte tests:
Electrolytes are the minerals in your blood that are essential for your body. They help to flow nutrients into the cells and eliminate waste from the body. They carry an electric charge when dissolved in water. They maintain the acid-base balance, control fluid levels, and regulate nerve and muscle functions. The following are the elements that include in the electrolyte test:

Sodium - This electrolyte helps to provide sufficient water to cells, tissues, and blood to work properly. It also provides support to the functions of nerves and muscles. It comes from your diet.
Potassium - This electrolyte is significant for cell metabolism and muscle functions. It comes from your diet.
Chloride - An electrolyte helps to maintain fluid levels and acid-base balance in your body with other electrolytes.
Carbon dioxide - This electrolyte is present in your blood. This test helps to observe the imbalance of electrolyte or acid-base (pH) levels in your blood. Carbon dioxide is a good indicator of the conditions of your kidneys and lungs.

When to conduct a basic metabolic panel plasma test?

Your doctor may order the BMP plasma test if you experience problems in your kidneys, electrolyte, or acid-base balance. A basic metabolic panel plasma test may also conduct in an emergency, before surgery, or as a routine checkup. This test helps your healthcare provider about abnormal levels of any of the above substances.

A BMP plasma test also helps when you have symptoms, including fatigue, breathing problems, confusion, and increased vomiting. You can schedule an
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